Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)

IGRs are environmental pesticides that mimic natural insect  hormones and can be used to control such pests as fleas on pets and in buildings, and stored product insect pest in foods and manufacturing sites.

The three non-chiton inhibiting IGRs available are:  (S)-methoprene, (S)-kinoprene, and (S)-hydroprene and they are used to control different species of Insect pest. We currently offer (S)-methoprene IGR and (S)-hdroprene IGR for sale to formulators that have existing (S)-methoprene or (S)-hydroprene registered products in the pet care,  animal feed,  stored product and processing plant market.    (S)-kinoprene is currently under development.

There are 3 Basic market areas  Indoor domestic use (fleas, cockroaches, cloths moths), supplimental cattle feed (flies) and industrial treatment of plants manufacturing and storing food and agriculture related products  (grains, tobacco, seeds products, others.

PulEx™ (S)-methoprene Technical can be used to formulate products  for flea control on pets and in and around buildings.  

GallEx™ (S)-methoprene Technical can be used to formulate products for treating stored grains and foods as well as processing plants or incorperated in animal feed to prevent fly development.