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Zocor Mission

 Zocor Inc.


  • Zocor, Inc. was established in 1996 to develop and market novel pest control products and new formulations of existing marketed pest control products that are based on Insect Growth Regulators.  
  • S-methoprene and S-hydroprene are classified as a Biochemical by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). S-methoprene is a synthetic mimic of a natural Insect Hormone that prevents immature insects from developing into adults.
  • S-methoprene is approved for insect control by both the EPA  in homes, for stored grains, on pets and as cattle feed through.
  • S-methoprene controls fleas on premises and pets; grain pests on wheat, peanuts, tobacco and other grains; mosquitoes and other biting flies and face flies.
  • Zocor received both Australian and US EPA approval for S-methoprene in 2005.
  • Zocor has world-wide exclusive rights to supply S-methoprene and formulated products using S-methoprene manufactured by Synergetica (see below)

The Product

S-methoprene is classified as a Biochemical by the EPA and is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). S-methoprene is a synthetic mimic of a naturally occurring insect hormone that regulates the insect growth cycle, by preventing immature insects from developing into adults. S-methoprene affects only the early stage of insect development, preventing the development of adult insects that can harm humans, animals and food products.   S-methoprene has extremely low toxicity to mammals and other vertebrate species. S-methoprene is an extremely complex molecule that is manufacturing using a complicated, multi-step synthesis process. The resulting molecule degrades rapidly in the environment to naturally occurring products and must be formulated to protect it from UV light and bio-degregation. S-methoprene is considered to be an environmentally advantageous product because of its short life and site specificity.

Synergetica International

Synergetica is a New Jersey based American owned company with a chemical plant in Changzhou City, China. Zocor and Synergetica have been working together since 2000 to develop a suitable S-methoprene manufacturing procedure for this complex molecule. Synergetica currently have the capacity to manufacture 4 M tons of S-methoprene per month. Synergetica is registered with the US EPA.

Corporate History & Mission

Zocor, Inc. was established in 1996 to develop and market novel pest control products and new formulations of existing marketed pest control products based on Insect Growth Regulators.   Three principals established the firm, each bringing separate, complementary expertise that allows Zocor to operate as a “virtual company”. To date, Zocor has augmented its internal capabilities through collaboration with consultants experienced in the areas of manufacturing, formulation, regulatory affairs and marketing.


Ex-Zoecon/Sandoz employees, each of whom played an instrumental role in the initial development and marketing of the IGR product line, lead Zocor:

  • Gayle M. Mills - Ms. Mills has held a variety of executive level marketing and business development positions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Ms. Mills held a variety of increasingly more responsible management positions at a number of multinational firms including Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Syntex USA, Inc. and Roche Pharmaceuticals. In her business development roles, Ms. Mills has executed a large variety of multi-million dollar collaborations and supply agreements in the biotechnology industry.
  • David C. Creech,- Mr. Creech has a wide-ranging experience allowing him to contribute to Zocor’s activities in the development process. Mr. Creech’s core expertise is in the area of chemistry and product formulation development. He has held a variety of scientific and management positions including Business Manager and Director of Purchasing at Witco, Director of Formulations at Zoecon (later Sandoz AgChem) and most recently was Chief Chemist at the Gowan Company, a major agrichemical manufacturer.
  • David Sullivan, President – At Zoecon Corporation, Mr. Sullivan was the first IGR worldwide product manager during the early 1980’s and spearheaded the development and introduction of many of the IGR products now sold.  Subsequent to his career at Zoecon, Mr. Sullivan established Zanus Corporation, which became the leading distributor of the IGR product line in the U.S.   While leading Zanus, Mr. Sullivan established relationships with key influencers in the US and international mosquito and pest control industries. Mr. Sullivan was also co-owner and Managing Director of Pacific BioLogics, an Australian based company currently distributing Altosid in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. His interest in Pacific BioLogics was sold in January 2004.
  • Tom Vanden Bosch, IGR Production Specialist, was manager of the Zoecon East Palo Alto, Bay Road plant that first made IGRs. Under Mr. Vanden Bosch’s supervision, the first IGR products were manufactured and distributed to customers world-wide. Mr. Vanden Bosch has extensive experience in the manufacture of IGRs and a variety of other agricultural and pest control products.

In addition, Zocor has established a network of industry professionals with the experience required to further develop the worldwide IGR market. Zocor intends to bring key personnel into the firm with experience in the following areas: regulatory, product development, product formulation/analytical chemistry, marketing and sales.

Sales and Marketing

Zocor will take a multi-pronged approach to maintaining and increasing product sales:

There are a number of companies that utilize IGR technology to enhance their product’s performance. These companies are leading candidates for additional sales by Zocor.  Zocor will offer them new formulations, better pricing structure and more profits.


Synergetica is fully capable of producing high-quality technical IGR bulk and formulated products. Synergetica is well experienced in the manufacture of similar compounds and is cost competitive in today’s current market. For additional information regarding Synergetica visit their website at www.synergeticainc.com

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